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Do you want MR. SLOVENIA in this awesome clan?
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Of course.
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PostSubject: [APP]SLOVENIA   [APP]SLOVENIA I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2015 4:27 pm

In-game name: SLOVENIA
Real name: I have
Country: Fucking Tajikistan

How long have you played SAMP? From 2009
How long have you played COD-SAMP? Until it RIP :C
Do you know any members? Yes
If yes, Who? Evry1

Why do you want to join? Is a great time at MFD until I closed it 5 yeares back :C
How can you help us? I can bee ur only memberu
Current clan(s): uL ABK PeM ACI
Previous clan(s): TeK MFD NB SFC FO uGp HsC

Have you ever been banned? Yes
If yes, For what? Only for using s0beit, vogelz, mchillipepper and cleo at the same time, fucking haters  Sad  Sad  Sad
Do you follow the RULES: NO!!!

If you are accepted, will you add [M4D] in front of your IG-name? No.
Anything else you want to add? Pls accepted me, is a mater of live and death!!! flower
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